Air-Conditioning, Installation, Servicing and Supply

We install and service all split system air-conditioning units as well as supply Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system units, Hisense and Kaden Units. We are also one of the preferred electrical and air-conditioning installers for The Good Guys Bunbury.

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Benefits To Installing an Air-Conditioning Unit:
1. Improved Indoor Air Quality, particularly important when suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions.
2. Humidity Control, high humidity can increase damp and mold causing allergic reactions and asthma attacks to name a few issues.
3. Boosted Productivity In The Work Place, It can be difficult to concentrate when working in a hot and stuffy environment with poor ventilation.
4. Less Noise And Fewer Pests, Having windows open can have its disadvantages with added noise and an influx of bugs.
5. Better Quality Sleep, Heat is one of the biggest disturbances to sleep in the summer months.
6. A Source Of Heat In Winter.